Ellen Clapsaddle was born in New York in 1865 and was a shy and delicate child.
She displayed artistic ability and her talent was discovered at an early age by her parents
who encouraged to develop her skills in art.
Her happy childhood memories were evident in her art.
After graduating from art school, she started working for the International Art Publishing Company.
During this time, she produced various illustrations for calendars, name cards and postcards.
Two pieces of art became the best sellers in 1895 and helped her get a full scholarship to study in Germany.
She founded a postcard company with the support of Wolf Brothers and became the first female founder of a company in USA
and she sold 2000 postcards within 8 years.
This period (1898 to 1915) is called the Postcards Golden Age.
Ellen's work became hugely popular and brought her the fame.
She was genius in graphic art, creating 3000 designs and produced 3 million post cards in her life.
Her series with happy children themed for events such as Valentine's Day, birthday, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving
and Christmas became popular.
They showed elegant children's fashion which had a strong resemblance to the Belle Époque Age.
Her masterpiece is Angels' Alphabets which was based on angel motifs with alphabets and became her most popular artwork.

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