Flower Arrangement Artist
Director of Kariyazaki Flower Professional Education School

Kariyazaki has been praised for his delicate and bold arrangements with unique color sensibility,
including being described by Akihiro Miwa, the Japanese actor and singer, as having "hands that spin beauty."
His many honors include being named PR Ambassador for the 150th commemorative celebration of Japan-France relations,
Holland Tulip Ambassador, Kagoshima Flower Ambassador, Kasama Support Ambassador,
Mima City Tourism Ambassador, and Kamigoto City Camelia Ambassador,
while his awards include the 11th Good Aging Award, and the International Brand Personality Award from APBF in Malaysia.
Renowned French crystal company Daum commissioned Kariyazaki
to design a four seasons collection of 99 limited-edition single-color vases,
of which four-color versions were released globally and received high praise from notable figures inside and outside Japan.
Kariyazaki has been active designing and producing kimono and glassware,
while also holding a series of solo exhibits that combine flower art showcased in historical buildings.
Outside Japan, he has held solo exhibitions and demonstrations
in France, England, The Netherlands, Italy, Turkey, Thailand, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, and other countries.
In addition to his eye-opening work at home and abroad,
he is actively engaged in social projects that include education in flower art,
efforts to bring awareness to Japan's declining birthrate issue, and the promotion of regional vitalization projects.
He is currently a regular presence on the TBS program Nakai Masahiro-no Kinyobi-no Sumairutachi-e
and has been a guest expert on MBS' Purebato!! popular segment appraising ikebana art.
He is very active in a variety of other televised and print media as well.

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