In Japan, from ancient times to the present, patterns have been created to reflect each
specific period. Nowadays, many patterns remain in which the prayers and wishes of our
ancestors have been entrusted, resulting in the transformation of those same patterns into
certain forms.

In order to preserve these wonderful patterns for the present, we wanted to incorporate new
sensibilities into our lives that are consistent with modern times, as well as to provide
enjoyment through rich expression. To accomplish this, we chose patterns from various
categories centering on the kisshou style.
The result of this work is our brand, Kicca, which we are proud to bring to Europe for the
first time.
Kicca evokes the Japanese creative spirit drawing inspiration from the floral world. The
word "Kicca" is a combination of two Japanese characters “kichi” (吉) meaning“good
fortune”and “ka”(花) meaning "flower". 

The kisshou pattern is a pattern created by common human wishes such as "Bringing Good
Fortune" (開運招福), "Protectionagainst Disaster" (災難厄除), "Harmonious Encounters"
(良縁祈願), "Family Well-being" (家内安全), "Childbearing Prosperity" (子孫繁栄), "Improving
Performance" (芸妓上達), "Business Prosperity" (商売繁盛) and "Fulfillment of Various
Wishes" (諸願成就). Indeed, it is said there are as many gods as there are wishes. Even
though we are made to realize again the deepness of human desire, what we may call“kisshou”
can actually be considered a pattern to express happiness to everyone, everywhere in the

Kicca is an original pattern-based brand that is full of sensibility, blending oriental
contemporary chinoiserie impressionism with Japanese and Western floral expressions. Its
bold yet delicate composition, together with its original use of colour, take the admirer
into fresh territory. Kicca works not just in fashion but is also fitting for any type of
daily life scene. Moreover, it is also a rediscovery of the Japanese lifestyle.
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