Mizuhiki is the artistic craft made out of the paper strings made of Washi,
a Japanese traditional handmade paper and its creativity comes in a wide variety of styles.
Just as in the western countries,
giving a gift or greeting cards for celebration or special occasion needs a bit of personalization.
The Japanese have used Mizuhiki as the final touch over the envelopes of letters or gift wrappings.
It is handcrafted with delicate and detailed techniques.

Kaori Funaki, the Mizuhiki artist,
has created her own brand "Kimusubi" using Mizuhiki stretched to wider designs suited for the modern lifestyle.

Here are some examples of the designs and their meanings.

Awajimusubi, representing a long lasting relationship.

Musubikiri, hoping not to repeat again
(used for celebration of complete recovery from illness and sad occasions).

Hanamusubi, signifying the repetition of fortune and celebration.

Umemusubi, representing a solidly bonded relationship and cannot be parted.
Can be used as an amulet to ward off bad luck.

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